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Songs 4 Valery - The Way to Your Heart ♥ スペインヒット2018

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Publicado por: Songs 4 Valery. Agregado en: 20 Marzo 2018.


Songs 4 Valery Third Single. New American Hard Rock Band.

Power ballad. American rock ballad 80's hits style Bon Jovi , Aerosmith , Bryan Adams , Guns n roses Gnr ... 80s rock songs

New hard rock band 2018... Run & Fly, is the first single... NEW HIT SONG...
80s rock songs 90s rock songs style like Bon Jovi , Guns and Roses , Bryan adams, Aerosmith , poison , twister sister with slash, Axl rose, steven tyler, Bret Michaels, dee snider

espanhol Hit 2018 The Way To Your Heart
spagnolo Hit 2018 Il senso al vostro cuore
Spanische Hit 2018 Der Weg zu deinem Herzen
espagnole Hit 2018 Le chemin de votre cœur
Ισπανικό τραγούδι 2018
Musik Amerika Hits 2018
Hit μουσικό ροκ 2018
Cara hati Anda

The way to your Heart- Power Ballad .
It ´s Dedicate to Valerie.

Tercer single de Songs 4 Valery . Nueva Banda de Rock Americano.

The Way to Your Heart - Balada Rock
musik rock
Dedicada a Valeria.

nova banda 2018: Songs 4 Valery
nova cancao 2018 : o caminho a seu coracao
nouva canzione 2018: la strada per il cuore


you lead me
i wanna feel you
always in your heart

you bring me
to another place
where we can stay alone

i want to show you
the sky forever
i want to blow
one star for you

Baby i want love....