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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » The Atlanta Falcons lost yet another starter to a en los foros.
    ending injury Monday.Yet a team with Super Bowl aspirations is hoping that safety Ricardo Allen's torn Achilles tendon won't derail their season."We will not play the role of the victim with injuries Youth Solomon Thomas Jersey , and we've got a locker room full of tough competitive guys, and I expect us to play well," coach Dan Quinn said Monday, a day after Allen injured his leg against the Saints.That's a hard sell before Sunday's game against the Bengals, given how important Allen is to the Falcons' injury-ravaged defense. Allen is the third Falcons defensive starter to go on injured reserve so far this season.The Falcons said they're not feeling sorry for themselves even though starting strong safety Keanu Neal was lost for the season with a knee injury in the first game at Philadelphia. Middle linebacker Deion Jones suffered a foot injury that will keep him out at least eight games. Atlanta also has lost starting left guard Andy Levitre to a season-ending arm injury."This is the life we live," defensive tackle Grady Jarrett said. "You can't sit there and worry over it."Allen, a fourth-year veteran from Purdue, is respected for his ability to coordinate the defense on the field.He was carted off the field late in Sunday's 43-37 overtime loss to the Saints, and the Falcons (1-2) have little depth at the position heading into Sunday's game against the Bengals (2-1).Second-year pro Damontae Kazee White Alfred Morris Jersey , a cornerback in college at San Diego State, moved into the lineup after Neal was lost.That bumped the 5-foot-9, 186-pound Allen — a cornerback in college — to strong safety, where he was expected to play a lot of run defense.Jordan Richards, a former second-round pick by the Patriots acquired by a trade days before the season, jumped into the strong safety position upon Allen's injury."It's big. Just got to pray for him," Falcons cornerback Desmond Trufant said. "Big part of the D. Everybody knows what he brings, but other people got to step up."The Falcons have just one other safety on the roster, having signed Keith Tandy a couple of weeks ago. He was inactive for Sunday's game against the Saints.Quinn said that reserve linebacker Kemal Ishmael http://www.authenticssanfrancisco49ers.c...kyle-juszczyk-jersey , a former safety whose primary role has been to play special teams, will be a consideration, and third-year nickel back Brian Poole, will practice at the safety spot.Allen is respected for his overall grasp of the defensive concepts of Quinn and coordinator Marquand Manuel and for his ability to communicate to teammates."That was one of Rico's strengths, just how smart he is, his understanding of what's going on before plays happen on their side and our side," Trufant said.Quinn said the Falcons will look to add another safety to the roster, but rebuffed the suggestion that the team might seek to acquire Seahawks safety Earl Thomas or sign free agent Eric Reid, another former Pro Bowler. The San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants square off in a little more than a week’s time on Monday Night Football. Both teams will coming into the game with plenty of rest. The Giants have a bye this week http://www.authenticssanfrancisco49ers.c...earl-mitchell-jersey , while the 49ers wrapped up their Week 9 on Thursday with a 34-3 win over the Oakland Raiders.Prior to Thursday’s game, the Westgate SuperBook released a lookahead line for the Week 10 49ers-Giants matchup. The lookahead line provides a glimpse at where sportsbooks are looking before they release official lines Sunday night. For 49ers-Giants, the Westgate installed the 49ers as two-point favorites.The official line might actually be delayed at some sportsbooks because of the 49ers quarterback situation. Nick Mullens had a dominant performance against the Raiders, and head coach Kyle Shanahan has not announced his decision on who will start in Week 10. Shanahan said on Friday that he would wait to announce the starter after the team returned from four days off, so we likely won’t know the answer until Tuesday. Ian Rapoport reported Sunday morning that it would be “major surprise” if it was not Mullens.When the line does open, if Mullens is starting, it will be interesting to see how far the line swings, and how gamblers perceive the 49ers versus an awful Giants squad.
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » There isn’t much to say about Nick Mullens’ stunni en los foros.
    and glorious debut Thursday night against the Raiders in the final Battle of the Bay (worth clicking if only for the photo) that you don’t already know. You’ve watched the impressive highlights. You’ve seen the eye-popping stats. You’ve read the glowing accounts and analysis. You’ve heard his teammates rave about his work ethic. You’ve listened to the postgame Brett Favre call. You know he was verified on twitter mid-game (even if he already had a fan account).You don’t need me to tell you Mullens owned the Raiders -- but just in case Customized San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , I have reputable sources.No word on whether Mullens plans to go ahead with the planned move to Las Vegas now that he has taken control of the franchise. He did, however, give the embattled Jon Gruden a vote confidence.You don’t need me to tell you how endearing Mullens’ emotional post-game interview was.I will say that I don’t blame him for showing the emotion that he did there. I would also get choked up if I were in that position -- talking to Erin Andrews, I mean.But one thing which I think has gone overlooked is the effect he had on the entire team’s performance. Many people will say Thursday night’s beatdown had more to do with playing against the lowly Raiders than anything else. And I can’t argue that with “logic” or “reason” or any kind of conventional weapons. But dammit if I didn’t feel something different with Nick Mullens on the field. And it seemed like his 49er teammates felt it too.Suddenly, the mistakes -- dropped passes, silly penalties, and unforced errors -- dissipated. I don’t think C.J. Beathard caused false starts, bad snaps, and fumbles, so what happened to them?Suddenly, the much maligned defense had their best effort of the season by far, holding the Raiders scoreless after an opening drive field goal. Suddenly, they could not just rush the passer, but sack them -- over and over again. The Raiders line may not be very good, but they’re not atrocious, and they managed to keep the Colts from sacking Derek Carr four days earlier. So why did Cassius Marsh suddenly look like Khalil Mack with taekwondo training and better dance moves?Suddenly, the offense was explosive, jumping out to a big lead early on for the first time this year , behind big plays from their C Team -- Mullens, Raheem Mostert (pours out 40oz), and Richie James Jr.Suddenly, these were the bizarro Niners.Yes, I know the Raiders are a train-wreck led by a cartoon character who won’t stop making crazy statements. And sure, their defense is surrendering more yards per play than any unit in NFL history. But enough with the damn “facts,” this is about a feeling!Besides, the 49ers are no stranger to getting beat by bad teams. The 2-6 Cardinals wouldn’t have a win at all if it weren’t for the Niners. Throughout the winnable games against Arizona -- and even in the close losses to the Chargers and Packers, when Beathard played well -- there seemed to be something missing. And it goes beyond talent. The air was let out of the balloon when Jimmy Garoppolo got hurt, and while the effort has continued to be present -- a tribute to Kyle Shanahan -- the lack of energy on the team has been hard to miss. There appeared to be more spring in the 49ers collective step on Thursday night. Mullens’ play, attitude and very presence seemed to raise everyone’s game. I can’t say exactly why. Maybe his teammates wanted to rally around a guy they knew had worked his tail off to get this chance. Or maybe he did the little things we can’t see on the sideline, in the huddle, and between the lines to help them raise their game. You could see it in the little things -- like Matt Breida’s relentless second effort to convert a 3rd and 1 on the 49ers second drive to get a 1st and goal they would convert into their second touchdown.Hell, I even saw it in the comments section of this very site. We all had high hopes for 2018, and it’s been hard to maintain positive vibes once reality slapped us around. But as soon as the news broke that Mullens would start, something changed. A palpable sense of excitement grew. Maybe it was just the anticipation of the unknown. Maybe it was optimism borne out of Mullens’ impressive showing in the preseason. Or maybe, just maybe, there really is a little magic in Mullens. Sure he doesn’t have the strongest arm San Francisco 49ers T-Shirt , and he doesn’t have the physical stature you look for out of an NFL quarterback. But perhaps what they say is true: it’s not the meat, it’s the motion. In any case, you can’t argue with the results. Or the stats. Mullens put up such great numbers, it’s time to ask whether he is best QB to ever come out of Southern Mississippi. Here’s the tale of the tape:CAREER STATISTICSNick Mullens — Winning%: 1.000, Completion%: 72.7, TD%: 13.6, INT%: 0.0, Rating: 151.9Brett Favre — Winning%: .624, Completion%: 62.0, TD%: 5.0, INT%: 3.3, Rating: 86.0Looks like it’s time for Southern Miss to retire another jersey. And before any of you nerds in your mom’s basement tell me I’m working with too small a sample size to analyze, think again: Mullens and Favre have combined to play in 303 NFL games. That’s a huge sample.Speaking of premature quarterback comparisons...Stat of the weekCAREER RECORDNick Mullens: 1-0C.J. Beathard: 1-9This is not meant to slam Beathard, or belittle him in any way. He’s been put in a tough spot and hasn’t had much to work with. I’m not even saying Mullens is better than Beathard, or that he should be the backup to Jimmy G next year -- though it did appear Mullens is better able to get rid of the ball quickly and avoid taking the excessive punishment Beathard is prone to taking. What I am saying is it would be a crime if Mullens didn’t get a chance to repeat his prime time magic this Monday night against the Giants -- if only because in a lost season such as this, it benefits the Niners more to evaluate what they have in as many players as possible. I have to imagine Shanahan sees this, and expect he will make the decision official before long -- possibly even before you read this. Speaking of the Giants...Who’s got it better worse than us?That’s right — against all odds, this gag is still alive! There’s at least one team left that’s objectively worse off than the 49ers. And again San Francisco 49ers Hats , it’s their next opponent. Isn’t that convenient? The Giants not only have one less win than the 49ers, they’ve lost 21 of their last 25 games. And like the Raiders, they are awash in dysfunction. Sure, they have one of the most exciting -- and distracting -- receivers in the game in Odell Beckham Jr. And yes, this year they drafted one of the most dynamic young running backs to enter the league in years in Saquon Barkley. Not to mention, last year they added a very promising young tight end in Evan Engram -- though he has regressed thus far this season.So, who’s in charge of getting all those playmakers the ball? This guy:Despite all the talk of regression and old age eating into Manning’s talent, Eli is basically who he’s always been. He’s pretty much the same guy who won Super Bowls, and who people like me thought would never win Super Bowls -- talented, but shockingly inconsistent, capable of great plays, and prone to jaw-dropping mistakes.Don’t believe me? Look at the stats. Eli’s QB rating this year: 90.9. For his career: 83.8. His last two full seasons: 86.0 and 80.4, which averages out to 83 and change -- right at his career average. His TD percentage is down, but so is his INT percentage. Still don’t believe me that Eli is who’s he’s always been? Check this out:Still, it’s time to move on. Manning’s performance is slipping -- even if not by the degree most seem to think -- and it’s time to look to the future. Which is why many are saying drafting Barkley instead of a potential franchise QB was a mistake.So who did the Giants bring in to manage this largely unmanageable situation, and steer this sinking ship to shore? The... uh, experienced Pat Shurmur. It has not gone well. First, Shurmur’s choices regarding how to use his old and immobile QB came under fire.Then San Francisco 49ers Hoodie , after starting 1-5, questions began to be raised about whether Eli was still the man to lead this team in the present.On October 23, heading into their Week 8 game vs. Washington before the Giants bye week, Shurmur stood by his struggling 37-year old quarterback. Six days later, after a loss to Washington in which they scored all of 13 points, Shurmur wouldn’t commit to starting Manning at QB against 49ers, saying, “Well see.” This raised the possibility he might elevate rookie Kyle Lauletta out of Richmond, who hadn’t dressed for a game all season. Shurmur said as recently as a week before the game that Lauletta had been getting practice reps during the Giants bye week.The very next morning, Lauletta was arrested for nearly running over a police officer -- but not just that:That is a lot of stuff to do wrong at one time. But hey, everybody has a bad day once in a while. I’m sure it was an isolated incident. Or not. Maybe from now on, we should spell his name LOL-etta.Still, some Giants fans feel this development is a little too convenient (NSFW) and are wondering if the police might have have a vendetta for Lauletta (hey, that rhymes!). But what would the police possibly have to gain by arresting him?Hmmm. He does have a motive. And before you call this theory ridiculous, you should know that multiple reports have confirmed it.Giants players reported Lauletta missed practice later that day, despite Shurmur claiming all players were present. So it seems like maybe we shouldn’t pay that much attention to what Shurmur says. But he’s still the man in charge, and he’s reportedly fuming over the incident, which seems to end any chance Lauletta gets his first NFL start against the Niners. That’s a shame Customized San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , because I love the idea of Nick Mullens being the seasoned veteran in this matchup.In any case, the entire situation is ridiculous, embarrassing and melodramatic -- or, in other words, very New York Giants!Matt Breida nominated for Fedex Ground Player of the Week OK. first, let me put this here, because this never gets old: Now, because of that play, Matt Breida is nominated for the Fedex Ground Player of the Week. Breida currently leads the league in rushing yards with 184 yards. A good portion of that came from the (awesome) 66-yard play above that we are going to drop in any post where it is relevant, which rounds out to 80 percent of the posts here at Niners Nation (fun fact: watch Mike McGlinchey’s dance once Breida strolls into the endzone). The rest has been because of his shifty and quick movements. He’s nominated which means you can still go vote for him. Given his competition, Breida has a chance at winning. You’ve got Tevin Coleman, but his run resulted in a fumble and no touchdown. Phillip Lindsay’s run was pretty cool, but again, no touchdown. Only one player in these nominees toted the rock 66 yards for the score. That’s Matt “The Cheetah” Breida.Go vote for him here.
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » Call Odell Beckham Jr. the eternal optimist en los foros.
    .When the New York Giants' flashy wide receiver was asked Friday what he hoped his 1-7 team would do for the remainder of the season , Beckham didn't pull any punches."I think the goal is to win eight games, go 9-7 and go to the playoffs," Beckham said.Even though no NFL team has ever pulled off such a comeback?"It's not an easy task," Beckham added. "But that's the goal. We want to win every game and I want to do everything I can to help that. The Giants have been there before, gone 9-7 and got into the playoffs. Anything is possible. It's not impossible to win eight games. It wasn't impossible to lose seven. Anything can happen."Beckham remained upbeat as his team prepared to face the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, California on Monday night. He was certain his team is ready to turn it around, albeit in miraculous fashion 鈥?provided the Giants do a better job of scoring touchdowns."We've lost a lot of close games that we just didn't pull through," Beckham said. "We know what situations we're in when we are in those close games. We just haven't found a way to pull them through. It's easy to sit up here and be like we want to win eight games knowing that it's very tough to do. You just got to pull it all together now."I know we're not in a very good situation, but you just got to make the most out of that."Beckham signed a five-year, $95 million contract, with approximately $65 million guaranteed, during training camp in August, so he's the new face of the franchise moving forward. He was asked if he felt he had any pressure to be the one who kick-starts the offense."Not any more than I ever have," said Beckham, who has caught 61 passes for 785 yards and two touchdowns this season. "Hopefully I can start catching some of these things and start taking them to the crib, making bigger plays. I put more on myself. Whatever happens is what's going to happen , but I know that my mentality is not going to be to quit. I'm not going to be out there not trying to go hard every play. Any chance that I get, that's just always how I'm going to be."Beckham was also asked if the Giants could eliminate some problems in scoring touchdowns once they get inside the opponent's 20-yard line."I think that any chance I get, and all of us get a chance to take something to the house, it's time to go," he said. "There's no more holding back, playing it safe, or waiting for the next play, because you don't know if you're going to have a next play, and that's just the mentality we have to take. Any chance I get now, and I catch one of these slants, there's no motion wasted. It's just got to be somebody has got to come catch me. You trust your training, you trust your speed 鈥?somebody has got to come catch me. I'm trying as much as I can to make these plays, explosive plays, and we all need to do that."Fellow wideout Sterling Shepard also recognizes his team's struggles in the red zone."Explosive plays are always good themselves, but if you can take them all the way, then that obviously is better for the team ," said Shepard, who has 40 receptions for 542 yards and two touchdowns. "You just take them as they come and some of them will pop, some of them won't, but an explosive play all around is good for the team. I think it's we're just not being assignment sound. I feel like one guy is always off or two guys off when we get into the red zone, and that can kill your chances of scoring."Beckham Jr. is befuddled why the Giants aren't scoring more."Not to say that the opportunities haven't been there, but they've been limited," he noted.But Beckham feels the tide is about to turn for him personally."I don't know, but towards the back end of the season, I feel like I do better," Beckham said. "As the season goes on, people's bodies start to break down. I really try to maintain and I really try to be better than I was in Week 1 or Week 10. I feel a lot stronger going in towards the back end of the season. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. Now, it's just time to do that."NOTES: Coming off a bye, the Giants had a full team at practice Friday. WR Jawill Davis (concussion), who had been out, returned to practice, so he will more than likely be the Giants' main return option on punts and kickoffs Monday. Starting LB Alec Ogletree (hamstring) returned to practice Color Rush Riley Dixon Jersey , as did OT Chad Wheeler (ankle). . Olivier Vernon said that there was no difference in preparing to face 49ers QB Nick Mullens, who will be making the second start of his pro career. "We have to disrupt him and make him feel uncomfortable," Vernon said. "There's not a whole lot of film to watch on him, so we just have to have the mindset to get after him and get him out of a comfort zone."Giants news 9/22: Pat Shurmur, Giants trying to focus on this week With his team 0-2, New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur has been reminding his team to focus on the task at hand — getting ready for the Houston Texans — and not worry about the outside noise.“I think the important thing is just go through the process,” Shurmur said on Friday. “The message today was to make today the best Friday and keep going, keep moving. We feel good about the plan we put in place, now we’ve just got to go out and execute it.”Secondary coach not worried about JackrabbitCornerback Janoris Jenkins has given up long pass plays in each of the Giants’ first two games. Defensive back coach Lou Anarumo isn’t fretting about Jenkins, though.“I think that if you ask him and would it be one or two things at the line of scrimmage that he could’ve done better and I think that’s what kind of got him in a bad spot. You saw last week he stumbled out of his break and then really in the Jacksonville game was just more of an alignment issue so we’ve talked about it with him and worked on it,” Anarumo said. “He’s a guy that has had great success in this league and is a very competitive guy. He doesn’t want to give up anything so we’ve been working hard on that and he has and I think it won’t be an issue going forward.”Tyke Tolbert: “We will find you the ball”For the wide receivers to help the struggling Giants’ offense, wide receiver coach Tyke Tolbert said Friday he tells his group that “it’s just a matter of doing your job.”Tolbert was asked if Odell Beckham Jr. was frustrated after Sunday’s game when he caught four passes in nine targets.“I think Odell realizes that every time you’re open, the ball is not going to come your way. Again, my stress to him is keep getting open, we will find you the ball,?” Tolbert said. “Sometimes Color Rush Landon Collins Jersey , it doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. Sometimes it may not work out, sometimes it may work out two or three times in a game, or you’ll have a huge game and a lot of touchdowns were scored, a lot of points, and win a lot of games; but at some point in time, it’s going to click for all of us on offense, and when it does, it’s going to be something special to watch.”Around the Inter-Google Sterling Shepard knew Baker Mayfield was primed for thisBaker Mayfield didn’t look like a rookie. He didn’t act like one, either, entering his first NFL regular season game and leading the Browns to their first...Tom Coughlin says hot seat could benefit Giants coach Pat Shurmur | Newsday“That was great,” Coughlin said on Friday night at the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Champions for Children Gala in Manhattan. “Every season after that we would get together and I’d say ‘Will you guys please print that I’m going to get fired? Because whenever you do that, we win a Super Bowl.’ You did it in ‘11, you did it in ‘07. Let’s get it out there again!”NY Giants co-captain Mike Thomas set for Houston homecomingNY Giants defensive back and special teams ace Mike Thomas is heading home to Houston with great perspective and responsibility as captain to leadInjured Olivier Vernon on rehab: 'This is just my path right now' | NewsdayAsked about his frustration at having been injured to start the season, he said, “That’s football. You’re always going to have ups and downs . . . Not everything is just going to be smooth.“There are going to be all different types of paths along the way. This is just my path right now. Just have to fix it and be all right.”
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » en los foros.
    Giants vs. Jaguars: 5 questions Authentic Saquon Barkley Jersey , answers about Jacksonville We have been studying the Jacksonville Jaguars from a variety of angles this week. Today, let’s go right to the heart, right into Big Cat Country, for some information. Ryan O’Bleness answers our 5 questions about the Jaguars, whom the New York Giants face on Sunday.Ed: I will turn the tables with a question you asked me. What surprised you the most about how the Jaguars built their 53-man roster?Ryan: There weren’t a ton of surprises on the roster front, but I was happy to see Tre Herndon, an undrafted free agent out of Vanderbilt, make the squad. He was the only UDFA to make the initial 53-man roster and worked his tail off throughout training camp and the preseason. I was a little bit surprised to see tight end Ben Koyack -- who had the game winning touchdown reception in the playoff win against the Buffalo Bills -- get waived initially, but the Jaguars signed Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Niles Paul in the offseason. Koyack cleared waivers, however, so he will revert back to IR with some sort of undisclosed injury and have to miss the entire season. The Jags also chose to roll with only three running backs on the active roster, which is a little bit lighter than normal, but not all that shocking. Ed: Heading into Week 1, any injuries with Jacksonville that are concerning?Ryan: The Jaguars lost No. 1 wide receiver Marqise Lee (torn ACL) for the season during a preseason tilt with the Atlanta Falcons. This is the second season in a row that the top receiver (Allen Robinson in 2017) has gone down before the first quarter of the first regular season. game has even finished. I guess the silver lining there is that Jacksonville is a run-first team, and has other capable receivers on the roster. Outside of Lee -- knock on wood -- the Jags have been unusually lucky with injuries. The same injury luck was true last season, which helped Jacksonville achieve the success it had. The only notable injury on the active roster is with starting center Brandon Linder who suffered a knee injury in Week 2 of the preseason. With that said , Linder participated in practice on Monday and I expect that to continue throughout the week, so he should be good to go on Sunday. Ed: How do you see the Jalen Ramsey-Odell Beckham matchup playing out?Ryan: I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Odell Beckham is probably a top-three wide receiver in the league, while Jalen Ramsey is a surefire top-three cornerback, and possibly the best in the league at his position. I’m sure both players are going to make plays, but I also imagine the jawing between the two will be pretty intense. I think it will come down to which one can phase out the other one’s trash talk and just play their game. If I had to guess, I would say Ramsey gets the better of Beckham, and by that I mean limits his damage to something like three or four catches with zero touchdowns. Wouldn’t be surprised either way, though.4. If you could take ONE player not named Beckham off the Giants roster and put him in the Jacksonville lineup who would it be? Why?Ryan: Interesting question. I’ve always been a fan of Landon Collins, but the Jaguars are pretty set at both safety positions. A part of me also wanted the Jags to draft Will Hernandez early on in the process, but the Jags signed All-Pro Andrew Norwell at left guard in free agency, and A.J. Cann has looked much improved at right guard this preseason. So then, if I can’t have Beckham, I would take Sterling Shepard and see if he could give the Jaguars’ wide receiver corps a boost with Lee out for the year. I do like the young and talented players Jacksonville has there, but they are mostly unproven at this point and I would think Shepard could provide some stability. Ed: Are you a believer in Blake Bortles? I’m sure there are many who still wonder if the Jaguars can win big with him at quarterback.Ryan: I am, to a degree, a Bortles believer. With the caveat that I understand what Bortles is and I don’t have crazy expectations. The Jaguars want to play smash-mouth football and run the ball down your throat. The ball is often being taken out of Bortles’ hands , but you also have to deal with opposing teams putting eight men in the box at a higher rate than normal and will need to count on Blake to make plays sometimes. With all of that in mind, this team can win with Bortles, and that was proven last year. Bortles had a very nice playoff run last season, and has looked poised, confident and in better command of the offense throughout training camp. Another underrated aspect of Bortles’ game is his ability to make plays with his feet. He has had both good and bad moments in the preseason games. His teammates trust him, though, as he was named a captain this week. He seems to be in line to have the best season of his career, but it has always been Bortles’ inconsistencies that have caused his biggest issues. If he is able to limit turnovers, make better decisions and make throws in tough situations, then this team will go very far. His play is pivotal.Giants practice report, 8/14: A Detroit writer’s takeaways from today’s workouts Hey, Giants fans! My name is Jeremy Reisman and I’m the managing editor over at Pride of Detroit, the SB Nation blog for the Detroit Lions. I’m here at the request of your glorious leader Ed Valentine to bring you personal observations from Tuesday’s joint practices between the Lions and Giants. While I’m sure many of you know the Giants a little better than I do, I think I’ll be able to put the Giants’ performance into context in a unique way, considering I know a lot about the players they’re going against. With that in mind, and a little guidance as to what may interest you , here are some observations from Tuesday’s practice about the Giants, but from a Lions point of view.Slay vs. BeckhamLet’s be honest, you were going to skip to this section first, so I may as well lead with it. We’ve seen Odell Beckham Jr. and Darius Slay face off twice before, but both matchups underwhelmed. In the first, Slay left the game in the first half with an injury. In the second, Beckham was coming off an injury of his own and didn’t quite look like himself.Tuesday, both looked full speed, and I must admit, Beckham got the better of Slay. The 2017 Pro Bowl cornerback has looked unbeatable in all of training camp, but it’s clear he hasn’t been lined up against anyone the likes of Beckham. Odell wasn’t completely dominant, but he consistently had a step on Slay and Eli Manning was able to find him more often than not.Also, during individual drills Beckham roasted rookie undrafted free agent Chris Jones for a bomb, which isn’t a nice thing to do to a guy with no chance of making the team.Kyle Lauletta getting the rookie treatmentI heard y’all have a backup quarterback battle brewing, and nothing grabs more headlines than a backup QB battle.Well, on Tuesday , it didn’t look like much of a battle. It’s not that Kyle Lauletta looked bad—he didn’t. It’s that the Giants barely gave him a shot. During one-one-one drills, Lauletta was busy checking down to running backs against linebackers, while Eli and Davis Webb were throwing bombs to the wide receivers vs. corners.And when it came to full 11-on-11 drills, I could count the amount of reps for Lauletta on two hands. Toward the end of practice, each team (first, second, and third) got a single drive against the opposing defense. Lauletta didn’t even get a full drive. He split it with Alex Tanney.As for Webb, he had a very inconsistent day. He threw a couple deep dimes during the one-on-ones, but when it came to the full 11-on-11s, he looked much more uncomfortable. He sailed a handful of passes Tuesday, and when the Lions came with an A-gap blitz, you could see the panic in Webb, as he sailed a pass well over the receiver’s head and was nearly intercepted.It’s hard for me to give an honest review of Lauletta at this point in considering the very limited sample size, but it’s clear to me the Giants coaching staff isn’t ready to hand the fourth-round rookie too many responsibilities at this point.Saquon looks fineI’m no doctor, but I wouldn’t expect Saquon Barkley to miss any time once the regular season rolls around. Though he obviously didn’t practice on Tuesday, he did just about everything else the coaches would let him. He was even sporting pants and a helmet—missing only the shoulder pads.You can see above , he went through the motions of position drills early in the day before taking the rest of practice off.Overall thoughtsWhile I’m not going to sit here and tell you Team A was better than Team B, I will say that the Giants were able to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball when the first teams were facing off. Jonathan Stewart seemed to slip through considerably-sized holes on a fairly regular basis. While that isn’t all that surprising from Detroit’s point of view—the Lions’ front seven is the team’s biggest weakness—it’s definitely good news for the Giants.When the Lions had the ball, the trenches were a little more evenly matched. Though the Lions running game continued to struggle, Matthew Stafford sat pretty comfortably in the pocket for much of the day. However, when it the second and third teams took the field, it was clear the Lions’ offensive line depth was no match for the Giants’ defensive line depth.However, the Lions’ skill position evened out the day. Marvin Jones Jr. and Kenny Golladay made some impressive catches over Eli Apple and Curtis Riley. Additionally, the Lions running backs—specifically Theo Riddick and rookie Kerryon Johnson—were giving Giants linebackers fits in the passing game. To be fair, those guys have been embarrassing Lions linebackers all camp, too.As for Eli Manning, I came away more impressed than not. He has a pretty clear command of the offense and looked decisive and comfortable the entire day. Perhaps it was just the juxtaposition next to Webb, but there was a certain command to the offense when Manning was in that made the Giants look efficient. The same can’t be said when Webb was i.However, Manning’s day ended with a poor read on a two-minute drill, leading to an interception by Lions safety Glover Quin. That’s the Eli Manning I know.If you want my Lions observations from Tuesday’s practice, head over to Pride of Detroit.Our thanks to Jeremy for the extra work he has done for us here. Hope you all appreciate it.
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » The Washington Redskins could not have picked en los foros.
    a better time to play the New York Giants.The NFC East-leading Redskins (4-2) have won two straight Authentic D.J. Swearinger Jersey , are coming off a big win over Dallas, and now face a team that's seen its management trade cornerback Eli Apple and defensive tackle Damon Harrison ?two starters ?for late-round draft picks in the week leading to Tuesday's NFL trading deadline.It's clearly a housecleaning as the Giants (1-6) struggle through a second straight dismal season.How the Giants react remains to be seen.The bottom line is the Redskins should be licking their chops heading into Sunday's game at MetLife Stadium. New York has lost four in a row and won four times in 23 games over the last two seasons.Washington left tackle Trent Williams is wary, insisting the so-called easy game might be a distraction."You're going through so much that football is your sanctuary," Williams said of the Giants. "Football is where you kind of go to let off frustration. We can go in there and look at them from an outside perspective and say, 'All right, they're going through a lot. They should easily lay down and let us win this game.'"In reality, no matter what they're going through, playing on Sunday can fix everything. When your building is on fire and you win, it kind of puts it off for a second."The Giants were adamant in saying they will show up Sunday."We're not throwing in the towel at all," said B.W. Webb Authentic Montae Nicholson Jersey , who will probably replace Apple. "That's disrespectful to us players. We don't go into any game thinking we are just going to throw it away. We fight every week for our families, our kids and each other. It's disrespectful when we hear that, that someone says we are tanking or something like that."Some things to watch on Sunday:ALL DAY, NOT EVERY DAYAdrian Peterson still is producing at age 33, with four games of at least 95 yards rushing, and 10th in the NFL with 438 yards despite dealing with shoulder and knee injuries. With a career total of 12,714 entering Sunday, the guy nicknamed "AD" 鈥?as in "All Day" 鈥?needs only 26 to surpass Tony Dorsett and move into ninth in league history.In a nod to Peterson's age and health, coach Jay Gruden is giving his starting running back Wednesdays off. "The crazy thing is, I don't like it. I'd rather be out there Womens Mason Foster Jersey , practicing with those guys. But (I'm) being smart: I've been around for a long time. I think I've paid my dues," Peterson said.TRADE AFTERMATHThe trades of Apple to the Saints and Harrison to the Lions create opportunities for Webb and tackle Dalvin Tomlinson. Webb has been the Giants' nickel back. He probably will start at cornerback, like he did when Apple missed a game in Houston with a groin injury. Coincidently, the Giants won. Tomlinson has been in the rotation at tackle. He probably will start with rookie B.J. Hill.With Harrison gone, the Skins are sure to test them with Peterson.WATCHING SAQUONJust like everyone else who watches football, Peterson has been impressed by Giants rookie RB Saquon Barkley. "From what I've seen so far, he shows some God-given ability. Great patience. His lower-body strength and balance is amazing. He flows," Peterson said. "I always sit back and watch young guys when they come in, and he's one of those guys that really excites me."O LINEThe Giants thought they solved their offensive line problems signing left tackle Nate Solder and guard Pat Omameh as free agents and drafting guard Will Hernandez in the second round. Despite having Barkley in the backfield, the Giants rank 30th in rushing and Eli Manning has been sacked 24 times. Solder and Hernandez have struggled on the left side the past two weeks. Expect the Redskins to probe there.Giants coach Pat Shurmur expects to use the same combination as last week Womens Jamison Crowder Jersey , with Spencer Pulley starting at center and John Greco at right guard. Chad Wheeler is the right tackle.ALABAMA WALLSafety D.J. Swearinger has nicknamed defensive linemen Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne "the Alabama Wall," and that duo 鈥?first-round draft picks the past two years after starring for the Crimson Tide 鈥?is a big part of Washington's sudden ability to stop the run. The Redskins are giving up 87.3 yards on the ground each game, third in the NFL.One key: Washington is one of two clubs (Minnesota is the other) not to allow a 20-yard run this season. Last season, Washington owned the worst run defense in the NFL, allowing 134.1 yards per game.AP Pro Football Writer Howard Fendrich contributed to this report. As Washington scrambles to beef up a quarterback depth chart that will be headlined by Colt McCoy for as long as he’s healthy enough to play, many are wondering whether Washington will consider Colin Kaepernick.They won’t be.Per a league source, Kaepernick hasn’t received an invitation to the Gong Show tryout that reportedly will happen on Monday, with EJ Manuel, T.J. Yates, and Mark Sanchez among the candidates identified by Adam Schefter of ESPN.Another source tells PFT that team president Bruce Allen previously has made clear within the organization his position that Kaepernick won’t be signed by Washington , ever. Allen is a political conservative, which would make Kaepernick and his habit of protesting during the national anthem something that Allen wouldn’t be inclined to embrace, ever.So even though Washington quarterbacks coach Kevin O’Connell served on the last coaching staff in San Francisco that had Kaepernick on the roster, Kaepernick won’t be on the Washington roster, barring a dramatic change of heart by Allen — or a direct order from owner Daniel Snyder that having someone who possibly could help push a 6-4 start toward a finish atop the division outweighs all non-football considerations. Custom New York Giants Jerseys
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » Defensive end Stacy McGee returned to practice for en los foros.
    the Washington Redskins on Wednesday after missing the first six weeks of the season on the physically unable to perform list.McGee was placed on the PUP list at the start of training camp and moved to the reserve/PUP list for the start of the season due to a groin injury sustained in the spring. McGee had surgery in June after sustaining the injury during OTAs. He can practice for up to 21 days before needing to be added to the active roster.McGee appeared in all 16 games for Washington last season and made 10 starts after signing a five-year deal worth up to $25 million last March. He recorded 44 tackles in his first season with the Redskins after playing his first four seasons with the Oakland Raiders.The team does have an open roster spot following the release of Ziggy Hood this week , which could facilitate McGee’s return to the lineup this week if he’s able to get back up to speed with just a few days of practice. This was all kinds of embarrassing for the Washington Redskins, from the offense to the defense to the special teams, from the poor plays to the face-palm penalties, from the numbers on the scoreboard to the thousands of empty seats in the stands.Facing a last-place team that had nothing to play for 鈥?but appeared to have more fans in the stadium Sunday than the home team did 鈥?coach Jay Gruden's Redskins dropped their fourth consecutive game to fall below .500 with a 40-16 loss to the New York Giants.Asked whether he's concerned about his job status, Gruden replied: "My job's in jeopardy every week. So I've just got to go about and do the best I can, get these guys ready to go, and we'll continue to do that."Third-string quarterback Mark Sanchez, playing for Washington (6-7) because of injuries to Alex Smith and Colt McCoy , made his first NFL start since 2015 and played like it, going 6 for 14 for 38 yards and two interceptions, including a pick-6."It was tough sledding, for sure," Sanchez said. "That's easy to figure out."The score was 40-0 in the third quarter when Gruden yanked Sanchez, whose passer rating was 10.7 and whose longest completion went for 10 yards.A reporter wanted to know what Gruden thought "went wrong" for Sanchez."What DID work?" came Gruden's answer. "There was nothing that worked. Nothing worked. So everything did not work."Sanchez was replaced by another recently unemployed player, Josh Johnson, who threw his first NFL pass since 2011 and helped the hosts score all of their points in garbage time. Gruden said after the game he would prepare Johnson to start next week at Jacksonville.The Redskins were guilty of two penalties on the initial punt of the game by New York (5- , setting a pattern: Washington was flagged 15 times for 135 yards."Unacceptable," said defensive back and punt returner Greg Stroman.There was a 5-yarder on Washington's offense for having 12 men in the huddle early. Right tackle Morgan Moses was called twice for false starts in the first half, giving him 12 accepted penalties this season, the most for any player in the league. Late, after a 31-yard pass from Johnson to Josh Doctson would have set up Washington with a first-and-goal at the 3, the receiver was penalized 15 yards for taunting a defender. On the very next play, Johnson was picked off. Then, with the Giants about to punt on fourth-and-3 , Washington had 12 men on the field for the punt, so New York got to keep the ball.There were boos repeatedly from a crowd listed at 57,347 鈥?about 25,000 under the stadium's capacity 鈥?and all the blue Giants jerseys in the stands made it "feel like we're at home" to New York linebacker Alec Ogletree.Competing against a Redskins offensive line that included four tackles and an injured center, a mediocre Giants pass rush that entered the game with 19 sacks 鈥?an average of about 1陆 per game 鈥?already was up to five for the day after Washington's first possession of the second half.A so-so Giants offense that was missing star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. did whatever it wanted most times it had the ball and put up 34 points by halftime, only four fewer than its previous highest total for an entire game this season.Rookie running back Saquon Barley gained 170 yards on only 14 carries, including a 78-yard TD, plus added another 27 yards on four catches. Eli Manning , written off by many earlier this year, looked quite competent, completing 14 of 22 passes for 197 yards and three touchdowns before taking the fourth quarter off."It's tough to deal with. It really is. It's unfortunate," Gruden said. "That product we put on the field today is not a reflection of the guys' work during the week and in practice. However, it did look bad."Follow Howard Fendrich on Twitter at ://HowardFendrich Custom Oakland Raiders Jerseys
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » Ben Roethlisberger might not get much mention when en los foros.
    the discussion turns to the greatest quarterbacks of all-time Womens Cameron Heyward Jersey , but the records the Pittsburgh Steelers signal caller has accumulated over the years cannot be ignored. By finishing his Week 10 game against the Carolina Panthers with a perfect quarterback rating, Big Ben added another title to his impressive career.Ending the night with a stat line of 22 completions from 25 attempts for 328-yards and five touchdowns was good enough to earn Roethlisberger a perfect quarterback rating of 158.3, a feat he has now achieved more than anyone else in their career. Previously in a tie with Kurt Warner and Peyton Manning, who managed to record perfection three times, Roethlisberger now tops the group with Tom Brady back in fourth place with just two. The last time Roethlisberger finished a game with a rating of 158.3 was back in 2007, a year in which he achieved the feat twice Youth Alejandro Villanueva Jersey , while the first time he achieved the mark was in 2005. However, his numbers from Thursday night eclipse any he put up in those previous outings.2005 Week 1 vs. Tennessee Titans, Roethlisberger was 9 of 11 for 218 yards and 2 touchdowns in a game won by Pittsburgh 35-7.2007 Week 9 vs. Baltimore Ravens, Roethlisberger was 13 out of 16 for 209 yards and 5 touchdowns in a game won by Pittsburgh 38-7.2007 Week 16 at St Louis Rams, Roethlisberger was 16 out of 20 for 261 yards and 3 touchdowns in a game won by Pittsburgh 41-24.While some might question Big Ben’s Hall of Fame credentials, he is also the only quarterback in NFL history to have ever thrown for more than 500 yards in a game three times and it is statistics like these that highlight just how exceptional he has been throughout his career. Perhaps more so than any other quarterback in the NFL Womens Artie Burns Jersey , they illustrate the high level Roethlisberger is capable of playing at on his best days. When he is in a zone, there are few quarterbacks who can match him. The Pittsburgh Steelers are on their bye week, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t news to discuss. With a surge of Steelers news, it’s time to get back on the airwaves and discuss the Black-and-gold.Take a look at the rundown for the latest episode of the BTSC podcast The Steelers Post-Game Show. On this show Jeff Hartman and co-host Lance Williams break down all things Steelers from the game that was!Check out the rundown of the show:News and NotesInjuriesUpdating the AFC NorthWhat does this tell us about the Steelers?Talking what’s aheadand MUCH MORE!Jeff Hartman, editor of BTSC, and Lance Williams walk you through everything you need to know regarding the Black-and-gold.If you haven’t heard Cheap Cameron Heyward Jersey , we have a YouTube channel, and the main reason for this is to increase the sound quality on our shows. But if you’re a visual learner you can watch the show below. Be sure to subscribe to our channel!If you missed the live show, be sure to check out all episodes on the following platforms:Apple Users: CLICK HERESpotify: CLICK HEREGoogle Play: CLICK HEREIf you’re old-school and just want the audio, you can listen to it in the player below. Custom New York Giants Jerseys
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » Lawsuit against Antonio Brown just the latest ‘bla en los foros.
    Steelers WR Pittsburgh Steelers star wideout Antonio Brown has made the Pro Bowl six times as a wide receiver — was furniture tossing part of his offseason routine to stay in shape? According to a recent lawsuit filed against Brown Youth Bud Dupree Jersey , in April Brown was alleged to have thrown two large vases, an ottoman and other various furniture items off his 14th-floor balcony in south Florida during an outburst. These actions are alleged to have been caught on surveillance cameras. Documents for the lawsuit were obtained by TMZ Sports, and in those documents Brown is being accused of almost hitting a 22-month-old child as one of the vases shattered near the toddler. Ophir Sternberg is suing Brown for assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. According to Stemberg, “Mr. Brown was extremely agitated, acting aggressively, and yelling at security personnel when [police] arrived to the scene.” Also added was how Brown behaved “without regard for human life.”According to the lawsuit, Brown’s residence was extensively damaged in a “fit of rage”. To say Brown has had a turbulent 2018 might be an understatement. Let’s check the timeline...Strange Tweets in June.A feud with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sports writer Ed Bouchette.A threatening Twitter post towards ESPN reporter Jessee Washington. An argument with offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner during a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Brown was a no-show for practice following the Week 2 loss to the Chiefs. The lawsuit should not draw the ire of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, as such lawsuits do not lead to suspensions or even fines. However, how concerned should the Steelers front office be with the erratic behavior Brown has shown in the past six months? Brown has no prior legal issues, so is this behavior a trend or just a blip on the radar?What does Steelers Nation think of his actions? Let us know in the comment section below Womens T. J. Watt Jersey , and remember to keep it clean and respectful! Let’s assume that running back Le'Veon Bell doesn’t report to the Steelers and sign his franchise tender by next Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET. If/when that happens, the battle lines could be drawn for a CBA fight regarding the terms of a franchise tag that would be applied to Bell in 2019.Here’s the basic question, as it possibly could unfold between the Steelers (and the NFL’s Management Council) and Bell (and the NFL Players Association): If Bell doesn’t play this year, would a franchise tag in 2019 carry the same value as the franchise tag in 2018, or would it count as a third franchise tag, qualifying Bell for the quarterback tender?The relevant language comes from Article 10, Section 15(a) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement: “If any Franchise Player does not play in the NFL in a League Year, his Prior Team shall have the right to designate such player as a Franchise Player or a Transition Player the following League Year, if such designation is otherwise available to the Team, except that the applicable Tender must be made and any 120% Tender shall be measured from the Player鈥檚 Prior Year Salary.”Some believe based on this language that the league would argue that Womens Sean Davis Jersey , because Bell didn’t play under the second tag, the second tag would carry over to the next year. Some believe the NFLPA would argue that the plain language of the provision contains no such limitation and that a re-tag of Bell in 2019 would count as a third tag, qualifying him for the quarterback tender — regardless of whether he skips the entire 2018 season.The difference between the two positions translates to a gap of more than $10 million between the potential tender amounts, with the 2018 tag at $14.54 million and the quarterback tender potentially in the range of $25 million (the quarterback tender was $23.189 million in 2018). Which would make the Steelers far less likely to use the franchise tag on Bell again in 2019, if it’s the higher amount.If it’s the lower amount, the Steelers could re-tag Bell and then trade him. But if he doesn’t play in 2018, Section 15(a) also limits the team’s ability to use the exclusive version of the franchise tag, allowing a team to sign him to an offer sheet in return for a first-round and third-round draft pick. This would limit the maximum compensation the Steelers could get for Bell, which could in turn reduce his trade value.And if the Steelers are able to trade Bell, the thinking is that he’d receive a lower financial package than he would receive if he could be signed without his new team giving up draft pick(s) or player(s) compensation. If the quarterback tender applies and Youth Joe Haden Jersey , as a practical matter, Bell can’t be franchise tagged (and thus can’t be traded), Bell would hit the open market and get more than anyone would reasonably expect.Case in point: Receiver Sammy Watkins hit the open market, and he received a contract that is in many respects better than the deal Odell Beckham Jr. signed to stay with the Giants. That’s the way to get paid huge money — land on the market on the first day of free agency, and sign with a team that can get the player without any compensation beyond the player’s contract.The manner in which the Article 10, Section 15(a) is interpreted and applied will go a long way toward determining which franchise tender applies to Bell, if he doesn’t show up by next Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET. Custom Tennessee Titans Jerseys
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » Cleveland Browns rookie running back Nick Chubb wa en los foros.
    rookie of the week in Pepsi’s Week 4 voting poll.The rookie set an NFL record in his breakout game , totaling 105 yards and two touchdowns on just three carries. In the 1,200 instances in NFL history where a player rushed for over 100 yards and had two scores, no one had ever done it in only three attempts, per Elias Sports bureau (via ESPN):Chubb joins Baker Mayfield (Week 3) and Denzel Ward (Week 1) as winners of the vote. With three different winners already among Cleveland’s first four picks from last April’s NFL draft, you could say John Dorsey’s first draft class in Cleveland is off to a pretty decent start.Prior to 2018 and since the award’s origination in 2002, the Browns had just five different weekly rookie winners—Andr茅 Davis once (‘02), William Green three times (‘03), Charlie Frye three times (‘06), Trent Richardson once (‘12), and Corey Coleman once (‘16).The award is making Cleveland realize it needs to get the elusive and powerful Chubb more involved in its game plan.“[Carlos Hyde] is our workhorse, but at the same time, we have a guy that is making huge plays, difference-making plays ,” offensive coordinator Todd Haley said on Thursday. “Around here, I believe strongly in you earn the right to make plays, and he has certainly earned the right with a couple of those runs.” Haley still referred to Hyde as his starting running back, and stressed the difficulty in managing backfield rotations. But he’s not oblivious to Chubb’s talent and early results. It’s probably fair to think we’re going to see more of the rookie in the coming weeks.Hyde hasn’t been bad, he’s played about as expected so far, but Chubb shares some of his strengths while mixing in some elements of shiftier teammate Duke Johnson’s skill-set. If he can earn his coach’s trust in pass protection, which may be one of the limitations he’s battling, it’s possible Chubb can begin to cut into both player’s snap counts. Cleveland Browns youngster Denzel Ward, the No. 4 pick in last April’s draft, earned honors as the NFL’s top rookie for Week 1. Ward, 21, showed every reason why the Browns drafted him with so highly, playing reliably in both run and pass defense. He became the fourth-youngest player to record two interceptions in a game and finished with six total tackles.The award had some pretty strong competition , with No. 2 pick Saquon Barkley—106 yards rushing and one rushing touchdown—and No. 4 pick Sam Darnold—198 passing yards and two touchdowns—both finishing with strong debuts. Vikings Cornerback Mike Hughes and Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay were also in the running of the voting poll.“It was nice to see [Ward] make plays, and it was also a big smile to my face of how comfortable he felt playing in the game,” defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said Friday. “He has some things he has to continue to improve.”Despite the remarkable debut, the rookie allowed a back-shoulder touchdown to Antonio Brown. Yep, that guy. Although Ward played it nearly perfectly, Ben Roethlisberger was able to thread the needle, putting the ball inches—maybe millimeters—out of Ward’s reach as he reacted to the play.“We call that play – I am glad you said that – an earned play. That play was highly earned,” Williams said of the picture-perfect touchdown. “He was as good as you can almost be. “Just a small percentage point that he is usually able to separate the ball at the very end of the play.”In his first game, Ward balled out, and he came microscopically close to thwarting an excellent play between savvy veterans. Williams acknowledged them “earning” that score, and then said he hasn’t lost trust in his young corner and will continue to put him in those positions.There’s something to Ward’s reserved-but-confident demeanor. From the jump he has shown up saying very little while letting his play speak for itself.That play has so far surprised many who questioned his selection so high in the draft. Those people probably hadn’t seen him play before and didn’t understand the technical talent and physical skills he brings to the table.Those people are quickly becoming believers.The newer but just as deadly Drew Brees and Michael Thomas combo are up next, so we’ll see what the rookie has for an encore this Sunday in the dome. Custom Miami Dolphins Jerseys
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals are at en los foros.
    Through four weeks Womens Damarious Randall Jersey , , while the Cleveland Browns join the Pittsburgh Steelers at 1-2-1. But with the Ravens coming to Cleveland this Sunday, the Bengals hosting a once-undefeated Miami Dolphins squad and the Steelers facing the high-scoring Atlanta Falcons, the complexion of the AFC North could be much different come Monday morning. Here’s all the need-to-know news around the division, starting with Cleveland’s formidable Week 5 opponents.Baltimore Ravens: It’s always good to do a little reconnaissance on an upcoming opponent, so how about this: Baltimore Beatdown’s Logan Levy put the tape on to dissect the Ravens’ Week 4 drubbing of the Steelers’ defense. That didn’t include many contributions by veteran receiver Michael Crabtree, though, leaving Frank J. Platco wondering whether the Ravens “have a Michael Crabtree problem.”For all other Ravens-Browns coverage leading into Sunday’s game, Baltimore Beatdown’s Storystream is being regularly updated, and includes news that cornerback Brandon Carr will remain a starter despite the return of Jimmy Smith from suspension.Pittsburgh Steelers: ESPN reported earlier this week that holdout Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell will return to the team during their Week 7 bye. But Behind the Steel Curtain’s Simon Chester notes that head coach Mike Tomlin as well as a number of Bell’s teammates have yet to hear from the back, let alone have received confirmation from him that he’s indeed targeting Week 7 as the end of his extended absence.The Steelers have one win so far this season and there are myriad reasons for it. But, until the team starts “being more honest about what those problems are,” there will be no way to implement solutions, writes Chester. And he’s not wrong; Tomlin displayed this ignorance himself this week by claiming that penalties are what have hurt Pittsburgh’s offense early in games. Chester’s got the rebuttal: the Steelers have yet to be flagged on offense on their opening drives, and the problems lie elsewhere.Cincinnati Bengals: In order for the Bengals to best the Dolphins on Sunday Youth Terrance Mitchell Jersey , Cincy Jungle’s Matt Minich says the defense must take care of business against Miami’s passing game and quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Man coverage, says Minich, is one key to success against Tannehill’s arm and Miami’s receivers.That Cincinnati defense could get some additional help this week. Linebacker Vontaze Burfict is back on the practice field after a four-game suspension served for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy, and, according to John Sheeran, this time he’s in great shape. Often after previous suspensions, Burfict has been out of shape, but not this time, which means he could very well play against the Dolphins on Sunday. Gregg Williams was fired as the Bills’ head coach after the 2003 season, and since then he’s only been a defensive coordinator–until this week, when he became interim head coach of the Browns. But Williams claimed today that he’s had multiple offers to be a head coach since leaving Buffalo.In his first press conference as the Browns’ interim head coach, Williams said today that he doesn’t see his current job as auditioning to be a head coach, because he’s already been given offers to be a head coach and turned them down.“Since I left Buffalo, I’ve had 11 letters sent in to interview for head coaching jobs, and all of them behind the scenes I have , four of them I didn’t even have to show up, just sign the contract and come,” Williams said.So why didn’t Williams take one of those four jobs? He said it’s about finding the right fit, and that other job offers he had were from organizations that had a different philosophy of what a head coach is supposed to be. Specifically, Williams said he wants to be a hands-on coach, and some teams want their head coach to delegate more.“I’ve talked about all those other spots that have called me,” Williams said. “You know what is fun about sitting in a chair and being a head coach? Coaching football. Not coaching marketing, not coaching scouting, not coaching ticketing, not coaching analytics. Coaching football. So why would I not do that? And when people say you can’t do that and be the head coach, you don’t know.”Suffice to say, a lot of people around the NFL will be extremely skeptical that Williams had four different offers to be a head coach and turned them all down only because he didn’t think they were the right fit. And the idea that four different NFL owners were willing to just hand the reins to Williams without even asking him to come in for an interview is ridiculous.But Williams is a head coach now. Perhaps if he can win enough games he’ll have a real job offer to be a real head coach in 2019.
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » Would Baker Mayfield have led Browns to win over S en los foros.
    Tyrod Taylor didn’t endear himself to Cleveland Browns fans in his first start with the team against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But there are a ton of factors to consider before even discussing a quarterback change so early in a season , including the team’s long-term stability.But that hasn’t stopped the speculation around whether the Browns might been more efficient offensively with Baker Mayfield behind center, which hypothetically might have given them a better shot at dethroning the Steelers.Shortly following the tie, I received numerous calls, texts, e-mails, and Tweets about what might have been if Mayfield had played instead of Taylor. The majority of them favored moving on from Taylor immediately.Now, FS1’s Skip Bayless may not bring the most credibility to the table. We know how Bayless and others in his industry use shocking and polarizing sports takes to drive their business. The hyperbole and generalizations are the medium they work with and are an unfortunate part of the deal if you follow those outlets.So, in what we can label the most unsurprising thing that happened in Week 1, Bayless led the charge supporting Mayfield starting over Taylor.Again, we know what this is, and it isn’t nuanced analysis. It’s Bayless stirring the pot and drawing more attention to himself. His general thesis is that Mayfield is more of a playmaker, so the Browns would have won the football game.There are so many problems with using that as support for your opinion, too many probably to list here. Interested by his attention grabbing Tweet, I decided to poll my followers to see where everyone else stands on the issue.I’d say I’m shocked at the results, but I’m not. Out of 875 votes (as of the time of this post), the overwhelming majority thinks the Browns would have won if Mayfield started the game. Not given the Browns a better shot to win, but would have won the game.Now, I am not going to defend Taylor’s play on Sunday. It was categorically insufficient to lead a team to a win in the NFL, but he should have been good enough to win given the team’s defensive success.The idea that Mayfield is a bigger playmaker than Taylor is opinion, not a fact. Mayfield has never played a down in the NFL, and Taylor’s legs and improvisation skills sure looked like the traits of playmaker, to these eyes at least.But we do know playing quarterback at a high level, or even a level proficient enough to win a game in which the Steelers gifted you on a silver platter, requires more than mobility and playmaking with your legs. Taylor, for the most part, looked slow in processing his reads and didn’t trust himself enough to make throws that were there—whether that was a result of the weather of his own decisionmaking. And there were some opportunities he saw and passed on in which maybe he could have pulled the trigger instead of taking seven sacks and being chased outside the pocket all afternoon.Was his offensive line perfect? Negative, they weren’t even good for much of the game. They had plenty of assignment lapses and lost battles Youth Baker Mayfield Jersey , but Taylor had plenty of his own mistakes in failing to recognize pre-snap reads and also in understanding what the Steelers defense was doing to beat him.In short, it’s easy to conclude Taylor was not very good in Week 1 when using any kind of metric for evaluating quarterbacks. He made a couple good throws, missed a bunch of others, and ultimately threw a poor ball that could have put the Browns in position to win the game in regulation.He didn't, and they didn’t. He left it short of the sideline and Josh Gordon was boxed out by the defensive back despite having a step on him down the sideline. If Taylor makes that one throw, the Browns probably win, but there are no guarantees. I digress.The idea that Mayfield would have fared better, though, is an interesting but highly problematic proposition. Although he was the No. 1 pick, Mayfield was not groomed to start in Week 1—that’s a different conversation, we can only talk about the reality here—having played extremely sparingly with the first-team offense prior to the game.Should he have started? Maybe if Jackson had approached things differently and prepared for that possibility, but he didn’t, and Mayfield didn’t play. That alone makes me inclined to reject this question.But just for the sake of argument, would the Browns have won the game if Mayfield had been properly prepared?Throughout preseason Mayfield has flashed a strong arm and the awareness of a savvy vet. He hasn’t been perfect, although his ability to move up and make throws from the pocket has been promising for a rookie quarterback. He has put in the work and knows the playbook enough to deploy Todd Haley’s game plan.While he appears to be progressing, Mayfield hasn’t handled a live game situation against a defense specifically designed to defeat his team’s offensive tendencies, and his own. The main way to overcome that obstacle is to play, sure, but was Sunday against Pittsburgh the best opportunity for him to start and to succeed?The weather was awful, including swirling winds and persistent rain showers. It wasn’t a passing friendly environment, and Taylor fared about as you’d expect under the conditions. OK, maybe he was a little worse.We’re not going to debate the merits of starting a rookie quarterback from his first game, mainly because there are valid arguments on each side, and every player is different.But I’ll say this, I’m not as sure as many that Mayfield would have made a significant difference in this particular game, whether or not he was prepared to be the starter or not. That isn’t to say he won’t and can’t help the Browns be better offensively, but maybe it’s best to let him keep learning from Taylor in order to ensure he’s ready when his number is called. That’s true whether that time is next week White Genard Avery Jersey , half-way through the season, or next year.If Taylor continues to struggle, and the Browns can’t play competitive football offensively, there's at least a conversation that needs to happen as to his progress and whether the organization believes it’s time to start his career.That time wasn’t in Week 1, and it probably didn’t matter as far as the game’s outcome. Things could have also gone even worse with a rookie starting his first game in a torrential downpour, so keep that in mind.This is a very simple poll, requiring only a “yes” or “no” response, but I encourage you to support your choice in the comments below if you’re so inclined.FanPulse: Browns fans see another tie coming in Week 2 Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse — a survey of fans across the NFL, powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Browns fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.The Week 2 polls are in, so let’s take a look at the results!How confident are you in the direction of the team? Last week: 97 percent confidenceHeading into Week 1, 97% of fans were confident in the direction of the Browns. That number is still very high for heading into Week 2 at 85%, but it’s still a little discouraging to see a 12% drop after the team’s best start since 2004 (that is supposed to be half funny).I think those “mehs” can turn back to confidence with a win in Week 2 against the Saints. If the club falls back to the bottom of the AFC North, though, how quick will we see the “not confident” category start to register some votes?Will the Browns win or lose in Week 2?Odds: Saints are 10-point favoritesDawgs By Nature FanPulse: Tie (yes, really)Canal St. Chronicles FanPulse: Saints by 7This is pretty hilarious, and not-at-all intentional: among the Browns fans who voted this week, the net outcome of the vote ended up being a dead tie. Wouldn’t that be something if Cleveland started 0-0-2? I’m actually going to touch on the possibility of another tie later this week, and what it would mean for the standings.Other than QB, what is most valuable to an NFL offense? 56% of fans say a left tackle is most valuable to an NFL offense after a quarterback. I actually voted wide receiver, because I think that position has taken a premium. Great left tackles are hard to come by, and I love Joe Thomas to death, but his long-standing greatness wasn’t enough to make a difference for the Browns in the standings. However, the poll kind of insinuates that your team has “the” quarterback already.
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » 2018 Patriots roster cuts: How does the waiver wir en los foros.
    and what does it mean for New England? As part of their roster cutdowns Derek Rivers Jersey Salute to Service , the New England Patriots parted ways with multiple players over the last two days. However, not all cuts are the same as the NFL differentiates between veterans and less experienced players: if a player has less than four accrued seasons – more on that in a moment – on his , he will not hit the open market right away but instead has to go through the waiver wire.So, what exactly does this mean? Let’s find out.How does the NFL’s waiver wire work?The waiver wire allows teams to submit claims for younger players that have previously been cut by other teams. Organizations usually have 24 hours to submit claims but this window is shorter over the NFL’s cutdown weekend: with final cuts taking place at 4:00 p.m. ET yesterday, teams only have until 12:00 p.m. today to submit claims to a players rights. If a player gets claimed, he joins a team’s 53-man active roster.What’s the waiver claim order?For the first three weeks of the season, teams submit claims based on the draft order. The worst team – in this case the Cleveland Browns – is the first to put in a claim:A player gets awarded to a team based on the ranking: if the Vikings and Patriots, for example, are the only teams to submit a claim for a player, he joins Minnesota given the team’s better ranking.Who is placed on waivers?As noted above, players with less than four accrued seasons need to pass through the waiver wire in order to hit “regular” unrestricted free agency. The NFL defines an accrued season as six or more games on either a team’s 53-man roster, or on injured reserve, or on the physically unable to perform list. All qualifying players released yesterday have hit the waiver wire and are subject to being claimed by other teams.Which Patriots have hit the waiver wire?The following is a list of Patriots that are subject to waivers:Last year, the Patriots saw four of their cuts get claimed on waivers. The majority of players, however Limited Vincent Valentine Jersey , passes through the wire unpicked – and thus becomes ready to get signed to the practice squad.Which Patriots have not hit the waiver wire?As noted, not all released players are subject to waivers. Those with more than four accrued seasons worth of experience will not have to go through the process. In New England’s case, we are speaking of the following six men:All six players listed above are now free to sign with other teams – or the Patriots again, with the exception of Bowanko: as part of his injury settlement, he will now receive pre-negotiated payments by New England for a period that depends on the severity of his injury. However, he cannot be re-signed by the team during that time. Once the settlement period is over, Bowanko is free to join any team’s roster but would have to wait an additional six weeks to join New England’s again. The biggest challenge the New England Patriots defense will face this season already came in week six when the Kansas City Chiefs’ high-flying offense visited Gillette Stadium. However, the Green Bay Packers’ — despite some inconsistency so far this season — cannot be underestimated either and will pose one of the bigger hurdles for the unit to clear this season. In order to do it, the group needs to find a way to accomplish the following three goals.Force Aaron Rodgers to go to his depth targetsAlmost half of the 286 passes Green Bay’s quarterbacks have attempted so far this season were thrown to wide receiver Davante Adams and tight end Jimmy Graham. The duo ranks one and two in most major receiving categories on the Packers offense and naturally should be treated as such: New England needs to find a way to slow the two down and by extension force quarterback Aaron Rodgers to look elsewhere.How can they do that? Having a shutdown cornerback helps, and Stephon Gilmore is just that. He should spend the majority of the night guarding Adams, who leads Green Bay with 52 catches for 690 yards and six touchdowns. While the 25-year old obviously is a tough matchup for any defensive back, Gilmore has shown time and again this year that he is up to the challenge of taking away physically imposing wideouts.Meanwhile, strong safety Patrick Chung should be used on Graham. Like Gilmore, the veteran has had success against elite tight ends this year — think the Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce — which makes him a logical defender to guard the big tight end tonight. Taking away Graham and Adams should, in turn Authentic Cyrus Jones Jersey , take Rodgers a bit out of his comfort zone and force depth players to win their matchups.Set the edge wellThe Patriots defense has faced plenty of mobile quarterbacks in 2018 — from Deshaun Watson to Patrick Mahomes to Mitchell Trubisky — but it has not always been able to properly contain them. Tonight will mark the next chance for Brian Flores’ unit to match up against a highly athletic passer in Aaron Rodgers, and keeping him in the pocket to limit the damage he can do with his feet has to be imperative.First and foremost, the edge defenders cannot be too aggressive. This is exactly what happened against Trubisky in week seven and it allowed the Chicago Bears’ quarterback to burn the group for 81 yards on six carries. Rodgers, who has 18 carries for 116 yards so far this season, is a similar threat when allowed to break the pocket and pushing too far upfield from the edge could be fatal.Contain should therefore be high up on New England’s list of defensive priorities. This, of course, does not just hold true when it comes to the quarterback but also to limiting Green Bay’s ground game. While Ty Montgomery is no longer part of the equation due to him getting traded to Baltimore, Aaron Jones and his 6.2 yards per carry cannot be allowed to get to the outside as well.Don’t hand out extra chancesGreen Bay’s offense may not be the most efficient in the league this season, but that does not mean it is not a dangerous unit to play against. Consequently, the Patriots need to bring their A-game not just when it comes to execution but also when it comes to mentality: the unit cannot allow its opponent to get extra chances through penalties or cheap third down conversions.This, of course, holds true against every offense in the NFL but it is even more important against an offensive powerhouse like the Packers. If the Patriots defense can play a sound game and not commit avoidable errors, it would go a long way to supporting the offense to keep up in what could very well turn out to be a shootout.
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » The New England Patriots played a thriller on Sund en los foros.
    night that rightfully will take its place among the greatest regular season contests ever to take place at Gillette Stadium. The team’s 43-40 victory over the visiting Kansas City Chiefs produced not only plenty of points but also plenty of memorable plays. One of which was a first quarter interception by Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower that set up the first touchdown of the night.Let’s take a look at the tape to find out how the Patriots were able to force the quarterback of the undefeated Chiefs into throwing the pick – and thus to lay the groundwork for a strong defensive performance in the first half.1-10-KC 23 (5:12) (Shotgun) P.Mahomes pass short middle intended for T.Kelce INTERCEPTED by D.Hightower at KC 31. D.Hightower to KC 4 for 27 yards (D.Harris).Dont’a Hightower intercepting Patrick Mahomes came right after a Patriots field goal made it a 3-3 game. With Kansas City deep in its own territory after the kickoff Authentic Jordan Richards Jersey , New England did what it tried to do all night long to attack the Chiefs’ first-year starter: force him to set the correct protections and make the right reads pre-snap and follow it up with sound decisions afterwards. While the results were a mixed bag for the Patriots later on, the plan worked well in the first half.It starts with the defense giving Mahomes only limited information before the snap:NFL Game PassThe Patriots have a 2-4-5 nickel package on the field, showing a cover 1 look with the deep defensive back – Duron Harmon (#21) – aligning outside the weak-side numbers to serve as a safety net against speedy wide receiver Tyreek Hill (#10). What makes this look hard to decipher from Mahomes’ perspective is not the coverage, though, but the front-line defenders: who is dropping back into coverage, who is going to attack the pocket?Mahomes sees two down-linemen and four standup linebackers, two of which aligning off the ball as potential blitzers. Futhermore, strong safety Patrick Chung (#23) also lines up close to the box:NFL Game PassThe Chiefs use a play action call against this defensive alignment, with Mahomes faking a hand-off to running back Kareem Hunt (#27). Meanwhile, the blockers in front – the five offensive linemen plus tight end Demetrius Harris (#84) – pick up New England’s four on-the-line players: Harris is assigned to account for one of the linebackers or either Chung or Trey Flowers (#98), while right tackle Mitchell Schwartz (#71) picks up Kyle Van Noy (#53).The other linemen use combo-blocks on defensive tackles Danny Shelton (#71) and Lawrence Guy (#93). With Elandon Roberts (#52) covering Hunt out of the backfield, Dont’a Hightower (#54) initially also attacks the pocket. This makes center Mitch Morse (#61) peel off his double-team on Guy to pick up the linebacker. However, instead of taking on Morse, Hightower drops out and back into the underneath zone:NFL Game PassMahomes, however, does not see Hightower moving back into the hole in the middle of the field. Instead Montee Ball Jersey Salute to Service , he turns his attention to tight end Travis Kelce (#87) after his first read(s) on the weak side of the formation are not open. Kelce originally aligned in the X-spot on the left side of the offense and, following an attempted chip by Flowers, runs a crossing pattern about seven yards deep. Covering Kelce is Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty (#32), who gave up the inside release and plays a trail technique. With the big tight end a step ahead of the defender, Mahomes decides to make him the target on the first down throw. What he does not see, however, is Hightower doing an excellent job to adjust to the trajectory of the football and thus take away the passing lane. The result is the game’s first turnover:NFL Game PassHightower returns the interception 27 yards to the Kansas City 4. One play later, running back Sony Michel reaches the end zone to give New England a 10-3 lead and some momentum early in the contest.Overall, the play illustrates how the Patriots planned to challenge the rather inexperienced Mahomes’ reaction and decision making early in the contest. Kansas City was still able to do plenty of damage through tremendous scheme and execution, but the different pressure packages remained a problem for them all game long. While the result was not always as perfect as it was on the Hightower pick, the unit actually had some success with its original plan. The New England Patriots and starting running back Sony Michel received encouraging news yesterday: after the first-round draft selection went down with a serious-looking knee injury in Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears, an MRI found no structural damage. While the 22-year old is still expected to miss some time because of the injury and is considered week-to-week, he will return at one point down the line.The Patriots need to replace Michel in the meantime, and it will not be an easy task: the rookie averaged 22 carries and 105.3 yards over the three games leading up to Sunday’s contest. Of course, New England could turn to its remaining two running backs on the roster to carry the bulk of the load, but more depth would certainly be needed in order to lift some pressure off James White and Kenjon Barner.With that in mind Deatrich Wise Jr Jersey , let’s take a look at five potential options the team might bring in as short-term replacements for Michel and depth options alongside White and Barner. All five of them have some ties to New England, with four of them having already been worked out earlier this season and the fifth currently on the practice squad.RB Orleans DarkwaAfter joining the New York Giants late during his rookie season, Orleans Darkwa was quickly able to establish himself as a depth running back and core special teamer that saw his role grow over the next three years. In 2017, he finally became a regular member of the Giants’ rotation at the position and the result was a career performance: Darkwa finished with 190 touches for 867 yards and five touchdowns. His versatility and experience could make for an intriguing addition to the backfield.RB Andre EllingtonA versatile running back that amassed over 3,000 yards from scrimmage over the course of his five-year career, Andre Ellington has been on the open market since the start of free agency. The 29-year old, who spent the majority of his career so far with the Arizona Cardinals, is an experienced runner between the tackles that also has seen plenty of targets in the passing game. Despite his smaller build, his experience could help him quickly get up to speed in New England.RB Kenneth FarrowIn April, coming off a season spent on injured reserve, the Los Angeles Chargers elected to release Kenneth Farrow. The former undrafted free agent, who had spent the first two years of his career with the team, remained on the open market until New England picked him up in late August. Farrow appeared in one preseason contest for the Patriots – registering five rushes for 24 yards while playing 16 offensive snaps – and was let go again during roster cutdowns. Since then, he had two separate stints on the team’s practice squad and with Michel hurting his knee could be a candidate for promotion to the 53-man roster.RB Charles SimsCharles Sims joined the NFL in 2014 as a third-round draft pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A versatile back, the West Virginia product appeared in 47 games over his four years with the team and registered 245 carries for 958 yards and two touchdowns as well as 129 catches for 1,190 yards and six scores. However Limited Rex Burkhead Jersey , Sims was a relative afterthought during this year’s free agency and eventually re-joined the Buccaneers before being placed on injured reserve in August. After being released with an injury settlement, the 6’0, 215 lbs back could be an experienced option to fill Michel’s shoes.RB Charcandrick WestCharcandrick West is another experienced player that could be attractive to the Patriots as a free agency option at running back. The 27-year old, who spent the first four seasons of his career with the Kansas City Chiefs, has been used as both a ball carrier and a receiver out of the backfield since joining the league in 2014: due to his versatility, he has amassed 341 offensive touches for a combined 1,551 yards and 12 touchdowns. West, who also is no stranger to playing on special teams, is another plug-and-play candidate.Two notable names are missing from the list above – and for good reason: while former practice squad back and Vanderbilt standout Ralph Webb is still on the open market, he has show little to warrant a spot on the scout team. Seeing him fill a spot on the 53-man roster in light of Michel’s injury seems to be unrealistic. Ex-Patriot Mike Gillislee also comes to mind as a potential addition but a reunion is not expected to happen, according to a recent report by WEEI’s Ryan Hannable.New England, of course, could also try to swing a trade for a running back – the Detroit Lions’ Ameer Abdullah or the San Francisco 49ers’ Alfred Morris come to mind – but unless Michel is a candidate to be placed on injured reserve and miss at least eight weeks it would be a minor surprise to see the team give up resources to add a player now. After all, Rex Burkhead will be eligible to return off the I.R. list in week 11.
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » Bill Belichick knows Corey Grant is in Jaguars’ de en los foros.
    In a deck of 53 Jacksonville Jaguars cards Limited Andre Tippett Jersey , it can be easy to lose Corey Grant in the shuffle.He isn’t Leonard Fournette. Nor is he T.J. Yeldon. But the New England Patriots know who Grant is.It’d be hard not to after last January’s AFC title game, when the running back caught as many passes in the first half – three – for more yards – 59 – than he had all season.“Not lost in our shuffle,” Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said of Grant during his press conference Friday. “He’s good.”Eight months ago, Grant was good enough to have former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia yelling, “This guy’s not in there to run the ball. It’s going to be some sort of bull----.” He was good enough to have Patriots safety Devin McCourty pinging his peers with, “No. 30 is in the game at back.” The element of surprise might not be what it was then. The Jaguars might not get out to a 14-3 lead, either. And New England’s linebackers, with a healthy Dont’a Hightower accompanied by Kyle Van Noy and rookie fifth-round pick Ja’Whaun Bentley, might be the reason Jacksonville doesn’t.But similar NFL Films soundbites still could be captured when the two sides meet again for a 4:25 p.m. ET kickoff at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday.Grant has the potential to be a 5-foot-11, 203-pound joker.“They use him a lot of different ways,” added Belichick. “Very productive player in the kicking game, and they use him on a lot of their gadget-type plays – reverses and fake punts and so forth. He’s been very productive on those. And then offensively, he’s fast. He’s gotten out in space against us several times. Had a long run in preseason, had at least three catches against us in the [conference] championship game. So, he’s tough, he runs hard. He’s got good skills with the ball as a receiver, as a returner.”Grant has appeared in 37 career games, including postseason, since going undrafted out of Auburn in 2015. He’s returned the ball 40 times. He’s carried it 71 times. He’s caught it 12 times.Yet significant damage doesn’t always require significant volume.Three of Grant’s kickoff opportunities have gone for 40-plus yards. So have three of his rushes. And two of his receptions, meanwhile, have eclipsed 20 yards.Though in the Jaguars’ opener last Sunday against the New York Giants, the ball resided in Grant’s hands only once. The 26-year-old was in for just six of Jacksonville’s 63 offensive snaps in the 20-15 win Irving Fryar Jersey Salute to Service , despite the hamstring injury to Fournette, who is shaping up to be a game-time decision versus New England after not participating in practice this week.Fournette and Yeldon finished Week 1 having combined for 92 yards on the ground, 32 yards through the air with one touchdown. Grant finished with three yards.But don’t let the sample size – lack thereof – fool you.At least not again.“He’s a guy we need to make sure we do a good job on,” said Belichick. Every year, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy nips any playoff talk in the bud by saying it's not a topic of conversation until the team wins 10 games.The Packers hit the season's midpoint with a 3-4-1 record, meaning there is little margin for error after back-to-back losses to two of the NFL's powerhouses.To reach double-digits in victories, the Packers will have to win seven of their final eight games. That quest begins with a return home to face the Miami Dolphins on Sunday."We're focused on winning No. 4. That's all we're talking about right now," McCarthy said on Monday, a day after a 31-17 loss to the New England Patriots."We improved as a football team the last two weeks, but you have to play your best football coming down the stretch. We're not playing to the level we need to play in the fourth quarter."In the final seven minutes of last week's 29-27 loss at the Los Angeles Rams, the Packers failed to extend a 27-26 lead, had a bad punt, gave up the go-ahead field goal and fumbled the ensuing kickoff.On the first play of the fourth quarter against the Patriots, the Packers were driving into scoring position when running back Aaron Jones fumbled.The Patriots used a pass from receiver Julian Edelman to running back James White to set up the go-ahead touchdown, forced the Packers to punt, then added an insurance touchdown.Not only did the Packers lose the game, but they lost ground in the NFC North to Chicago (5-3), which routed Buffalo for its second consecutive win, and Minnesota (5-3-1), which beat Detroit for its fourth win in five games.After hosting Miami (5-4), Green Bay goes back on the road to face Seattle (4-4) and Minnesota."The games in November are really where teams historically start to separate one way or the other," McCarthy said. "Our focus is really on our self-scout and things we've been working on. The last two weeks John Hannah Jersey , we're not finishing games."The problems run across all three phases. Defensively, the Packers have failed to get a takeaway the past two weeks.On special teams, there was Ty Montgomery's fumble on the kickoff return against the Rams and two penalties against the Patriots.On offense, Green Bay has run a total of 22 plays in the fourth quarter the past two weeks. Against the Patriots, the fourth quarter started with a fumble, continued with a three-and-out and ended with a fourth-down failure."We're not hitting on all cylinders," quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. "We're hurting ourselves with negative-yardage plays and missed throws and turnovers at the wrong time and not being on the same page too many times, whether I'm missing a throw or we're not in the spot I think we're going to be at, it's happening in the worst times. When we have to play our best in those crunch times, we haven't been playing our best."To get on track, the Packers are going to have to play through some injuries. Right tackle Bryan Bulaga (knee), safety Kentrell Brice (knee), cornerback Kevin King (hamstring) and linebacker Blake Martinez (ankle) were knocked out of the game by injuries.Martinez, who was injured when he stepped on the ankle of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, returned for the final couple of series."I pride myself on being a tough guy and I didn't want to leave my team," Martinez said."I knew if I could run straight and do certain things, I could go out there and finish the game."According to McCarthy, King will be "hard pressed" to be ready to face the Dolphins. Bulaga, who's suffered major injuries to both knees, avoided a significant injury and could be back for Sunday. Receiver Geronimo Allison might need surgery after suffering a groin injury at Thursday's practice.
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » Three Giants named among ESPN’s top-100 players fo en los foros.
    ESPN put together a ranking of the top 100 players of the 2018 season. As you may know , the 2018 season hasn’t happened yet. Those who were asked to participate in the poll were asked to predict who the best players of the upcoming season will be. The players were rated on a scale of 1-100 on each list then those ranks were averaged for the final piece and per the rules past performance and positional value were not considered — “only greatness this season.”Three members of the New York Giants made the list, but the amount of players doesn’t necessarily correlate with team quality. 15 teams had at least three players on the list, but the New England Patriots have two.It shouldn’t be particularly hard to guess the three Giants who appear on the list, so let’s get to them.Odell Beckham, No. 11Beckham, recipient of a nice new contract, is predictably the highest Giant on the list and one of the top players rated overall. However, he’s just the third wide receiver on the list behind Antonio Brown (4) and Julio Jones (. He’s also two spots behind a player he’ll likely see quite a bit of in Week 1, Jalen Ramsey of the Jacksonville Jaguars (9).Some Giants bias might cause some reading this currently to believe this is a little low for one of the most exciting players in the league, but it’s a pretty fair ranking. There could be an argument made to shift around much of the top 5-12 players listed, so seeing Beckham come in at 11 isn’t too far off.Landon Collins, No. 60Collins is the fifth of five safeties to make the list. He’s behind Harrison Smith (25) , Earl Thomas (28), Eric Berry (36), and Malcolm Jenkins (56).These rankings might make a little more sense if everyone is expected to play a full season and at full health. Of the four safeties in front of Collins, one is not in camp, one is coming off an Achilles tear, and the other will turn 31 this season, though Jenkins is still playing at a high level. Collins should have the best case to rise up these rankings following up last year’s “down” season with an active role in James Bettcher’s defense, which should move the fourth-year safety all around the defense.Saquon Barkley, No. 87Barkley was the only rookie to make this list, which makes sense as a high draft pick with clear projected volume. 10 running backs made the list, the fourth most at a position behind quarterback, wide receiver Womens Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , and defensive end, each of which had 14 players. Running back was also tied with corner at 10.Eight running backs were listed ahead of Barkley: Le’Veon Bell (7), Todd Gurley (13), Ezekiel Elliott (15), David Johnson (27), Alvin Kamara (30), Kareem Hunt (52), Melvin Gordon (72), and Devonta Freeman (74). Dalvin Cook (94) is the back who made the list just behind Barkley.This ranking is probably based on not knowing where to put a rookie running back on the list. If Barkley is going to live up to expectations of the second overall pick, he’ll put up numbers that put him at least in the Johnson-Kamara range of players. SnubsOf course it’s not easy to predict who the top-100 players of an upcoming season is going to be, but it shouldn’t be too hard to predict Damon Harrison is going to have another great season. Snacks continues to be consistently underrated — a reminder he’s never been to a Pro Bowl — and he doesn’t make the cut here with seven defensive tackles listed. Those who did make the list do have more value as pass rushers, but Harrison has added in some quarterback pressure since coming to the Giants while being an unstoppable force in the middle against the run. Around the divisionThe Philadelphia Eagles tied the New Orleans Saints with most players listed (7). Winning a Super Bowl will have that effect. Five Dallas Cowboys were listed Womens Janoris Jenkins Jersey , three on the offensive line — though Zack Martin (38) is recovering from a knee injury and Travis Frederick’s (61) status is unknown after being diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. Washington had three players listed, but none in the top-70 — Trent Williams (73), Josh Norman (83), and Alex Smith (97). The Giants offense found a big play in the first half of Sunday’s game, but they weren’t able to turn it into any points.Odell Beckham had a 44-yard catch and the Giants drove the ball inside the red zone in the second quarter of Sunday’s game, but the latest error by quarterback Eli Manning kept them off the board. Manning’s attempt to hit Barkley in the middle of the field was thwarted by Washington safety D.J. Swearinger for an interception that kept the Bears up 7-0.The Giants would get the ball back once more before the end of the half and Manning had more success on throws to Beckham and Shepard to move the team into position for an Aldrick Rosas field goal. That cut Washington’s lead to 7-3 after the first 30 minutes of play.In addition to scoring the game’s only touchdown on a seven-yard catch, Adrian Peterson also picked up 26 rushing yards in the first half. That moved him past Tony Dorsett into ninth place in NFL history in rushing yards.The longest of Peterson’s gains was an 11-yard run and the longest play for Washington all half was a 16-yard pass to Maurice Harris as it was a half of efficient ball movement for Washington rather than a string of big plays. That was enough to get them into scoring position twice, but the second trip ended without any points because Dustin Hopkins missed a 41-yard field goal.With both teams missing out on chances to add points in the first half, the game will likely be decided by whoever does a better job of maximizing opportunities the rest of the way.
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » You don’t need a poll to tell you that fans of the en los foros.
    are losing faith in the direction of their 1-3 team. Read the comments in any post here at Big Blue View Ray-Ray Armstrong Jersey , or check the irate rantings sent to the @BigBlueView Twitter account. Whether you need one or not, though, we’ve got one for you.In this week’s ‘FanPulse’ survey only 18 percent of our voters show confidence in the team’s direction. That’s a drop of 36 percent from Week 4. Prior to the team’s loss to the New Orleans Saints, 54 percent of voters expressed confidence.Even worse is that only two fan bases, Jets fans at Gang Green Nation (12 percent) and Steelers fans at Behind the Steel Curtain (15 percent) Janoris Jenkins Jersey , feel worse about their teams than Giants fans do. The Giants face the 2-1 Carolina Panthers on Sunday For what it’s worth, 90 percent of voters at SB Nation’s Panthers web site, Cat Scratch Reader, have confidence in the direction of their team.Click here to sign up for BBV FanPulse and participate in our weekly survey.FanPulse: Giants fans remain confident in team despite Week 1 loss Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse — a survey of fans across the NFL, powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week Kerry Wynn Jersey , we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Giants fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.How confident are you in the direction of the team? Last week: 89 percent confidenceDespite the Week 1 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Giants have remained confident. Fans aren’t jumping ship in massive amounts ... yet. If, however, the Giants fall to 0-2 that is probably going to change. Since 2007 , only 10 of 91 times to start the season 0-2 have made the playoffs.Will the Giants win or lose in Week 2?Odds: Cowboys are 3-point favoritesBig Blue View FanPulse: Giants by 5Blogging The Boys FanPulse: Cowboys by 4Odds Shark has the Giants as 3-point underdogs. BBV’s Dan Pizzuta is taking the Giants against that point spread. Our full staff picks will be available Sunday morning.Other than QB, what is most valuable to an NFL offense?
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » Sights and sounds of Giants’ camp: Ramping up for en los foros.
    The New York Giants held their second consecutive padded practice Tuesday afternoon as they get ready to play the New York Jets on Friday night. That game is always a special one. League-wide that’s because it is the one coaches typically use to most closely simulate a regular season game Youth Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , with game-planning and extensive use of the starting personnel. But for the teams which share Met-Life Stadium, this game has become an annual tradition where the Giants and Jets play out their intra-city rivalry — at least in the years when the NFC East and AFC East don’t play each other in the regular season. As such, this practice was a “carded” practice, and conducted like a practice before a regular season game. But even though this isn’t a practice as we’ve grown accustomed to seeing over the last month, we’re still bringing you the sights and sounds as best we can.On the practice fieldAs the Giants warmed up, it was obvious that Saquon Barkley would continue to slowly work his way back from his hamstring strain. All warmed up, it was time for individual drills:But with real Color Rush Patrick Omameh Jersey , meaningful, regular season football looming, we’re less concerned with individual drills and more concerned with team work. Meanwhile, Barkley and rookie defensive tackle R.J. McIntosh were doing work on the side as they come back from their respective ailments. While the defense was getting some work in, the Giants’ offensive linemen got work in on their own. As did Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. Back to team drills, the Giants’ were working on their Red Zone play.On the day that Victor Cruz formally announced his retirement from the NFLThere was at least one former Giant in attendance today. Maybe Antrel Rolle was hoping to sneak his way on to the Giants’ depth chart at defensive back. Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are some headlines to start your Tuesday.Defensive reinforcements on the wayI know Color Rush Nate Solder Jersey , I know. You looked at that subhead and thought “what the Giants really need is help on offense.” Right now, though, it looks like they might soon have a couple of additions to the front seven of their defense.Josh Mauro, suspended for the first four games for violating the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy, has served the suspension and can begin practicing again. The Giants have a roster exemption for Mauro and don’t have to active him until next Monday. If they don’t activate him for Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, the defensive lineman’s first action would come next Thursday against the Philadelphia Eagles. Mauro won’t count against the 53-man roster until the Giants activate him.“Excited to be back around the guys,” Mauro said. “I’m just grateful to be back here and I just want to help contribute to win football games.”Linebacker Olivier Vernon has yet to play this season due to a high ankle sprain. Coach Pat Shurmur said Monday that he is “optimistic” that Vernon could play vs. Carolina.Around the Inter-GoogleGiants wasting Odell Beckham Jr.'s contract by not allowing him to make plays | SNYCardinals Signing S Darian Thompson To Practice Squad | NFLTradeRumors.coGiants offense at times seems together before falling apart | NewsdayBig Blue has talent Youth Evan Engram Jersey , which it showed on the opening drive against the Saints, but then nothing.David Carr diagnoses main issues with New York Giants' offense - NFL VideosNFL Network's David Carr tries to explain why the New York Giants have struggled on offense so far in 2018.As Giants' problems persist, Eli Manning is common denominator, and there's no one to turn to - NY Daily NewsMonday brought an eerie deja vu experience to the Giants locker room in all the wrong ways.Solving this mess is supposed to be why Pat Shurmur is hereThis is why Pat Shurmur is here.Yes, he is the head coach and thus his job description is global when it comes to all things Giants, on the field and in the...
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » It’s hard to believe just over a year ago en los foros. , Kyle Shanahan was telling fans to be patient. That, of course, was said in 2017 B.G. (Before Garoppolo) Once Jimmy Garoppolo came to took over as the starter, patience went out the window. Sure the 49ers were developing, but not in a Cleveland Browns, three win season , kind of development. Which is why it’s hard for everyone to realize this is still a rebuild. It’s still a two-three year rebuild, even with Garoppolo under center. It’s just now a two-three rebuild with the season from hell. The 49ers want a win, need a win. The aforementioned Browns have more wins than they do. Of course that could mean they could do something drastic for 2018, even though this is part of a much larger picture. Kyle Shanahan was asked about if the 1-6 start was impacting the long-term goals of this team and mentioned doing something drastic (like a trade) isn’t in the cards: The NFL trade deadline has already had some craziness going on with Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper getting dealt to the Dallas Cowboys. Last year around this time, the 49ers sent a second round pick to the New England Patriots for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. When the trade was completed, Shanahan was quick to say Garoppolo was for the future White Adrian Colbert Jersey , not for the 2017 season. If this losing season stunts the growth, we’ll know in a year or two, but it seems like Shanahan is still looking at the bigger picture. Even if this losses may make him feel pressured to do something drastic. If the future is in mind, then maybe things are going according to plan. But maybe getting another splashy trade for the future wouldn’t hurt.George Kittle makes PFF’s Week 3 NFL team of the week It was an awful day on Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers faced the Kansas City Chiefs, because they lost what was becoming the heart and soul of the team, Jimmy Garoppolo Youth Weston Richburg Jersey , to an ACL tear. There was some good though: George Kittle. The tight end once again was catching balls all over the field. On the other side of the field, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was a beast as well, getting over 100 yards, but he was great for different reasons. He was a great weapon for Mahomes to throw to (including a really NICE one-handed scoop-catch of the ball). While he got his, Kittle was downright trucking defenders, or just taking them with him until they were literally shed off like dead skin. So how good was it? He made Pro Football Focus’ Week 3 team of the week with a grade of 92.1. Here’s what they had to say about Kittle’s performance: A fifth round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft White Arik Armstead Jersey , Kittle has been awful busy his first two seasons. He’s climbing up charts as one of the league’s best tight ends and is going to get even more work now that C.J. Beathard is the starting quarterback going forward. Both were teammates at Iowa and Beathard found Kittle a lot in their rookie season during the QB’s stint as the starter.
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  • liny ha creado el nuevo tema » Vikings-Rams game thread to kick off Week 4 en los foros.
    It’s time for some Week 4 football! The Los Angeles Rams host the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday Night Football as we get into what will be the quarter point of the regular season for 30 of 32 NFL teams. The game kicks off at 5:20 p.m. PT on NFL Network White Alfred Morris Jersey , with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in the booth, and Erin Andrews and Kristina Pink on the sideline. You can also stream the game on Amazon Prime and listen to Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer as an alternate audio option.The Rams are a touchdown favorite. I’m not surprised they’re getting the love at home, but I’m not comfortable with them given the injuries on defense. Aqib Talib is out, while Marcus Peters is active. I have to think Peters is not 100 percent, and the Vikings will challenge him. People are down on the Vikings after their ugly loss to the Bills, but I think we see them bounce back. I’m taking the points!Vikings vs. Rams http://www.authenticssanfrancisco49ers.c...kyle-juszczyk-jersey , TNFTime: 5:20 p.m. PTLocation: Los Angeles ColiseumChannel: FOX/NFL Network/Amazon PrimeOdds: Rams -7 It’s safe to say most of us probably did not see a quarterback controversy emerging after Jimmy Garoppolo got hurt. Nobody is challenging Jimmy G for the starting spot, but the San Francisco 49ers now have a question about their starter for at least Week 10, if not the rest of the year.Nick Mullens got the Week 9 start after C.J. Beathard suffered wrist and thumb injuries in Week 8. After Beathard was unable to adequately grip a football much of the week, Kyle Shanahan decided to go with Nick Mullens against the Oakland Raiders. Beathard was active, but Mullens got the start after getting all the practice reps this week.Mullens had a fantastic evening, putting together arguably the greatest quarterback debut in recent memory. He finished the game completing 16 of 22 passes for 262 yards and three touchdowns. He had a couple inaccurate passes http://www.authenticssanfrancisco49ers.c...earl-mitchell-jersey , but for the most part, everything went well for him and the 49ers managed their second win of the season.The question now is what happens in ten days when the 49ers host the New York Giants. After the game, head coach Kyle Shanahan said he has not thought about what’s next at the position, but that Mullens would certainly be part of the discussion for who starts in Week 10. The Raiders defense is atrocious, but Mullens deserves credit for executing the opportunity presented to him.Shanahan will chat with the media later on Friday, at which point he’ll get a chance to address the topic again. Then http://www.authenticssanfrancisco49ers.c...ap-joe-staley-jersey , the 49ers will get a few days off and return to practice early next week. At that point, we should get a better handle on things. Of course, Shanahan might play things close to the vest to prevent the Giants from preparing for just one quarterback.But how do you see it playing out in ten days when the 49ers and Giants take the field? Who will get the start between C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens?
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